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Thomas Gengler

Setting up the Parish Fair Tree

On saturday the "parish fair tree" is set up by the local "Kerwasburschen".

On Saturday the "Kerwasburschen" go into the forest very early in the morning with tractors and trailer in order to fell the pre-chosen tree and drive the tree into the village. It is very important that the tree does not breake during the felling. Therefore, the tree is not simply choped down with a motor saw, but digged out in sweaty work and pulled down with a long rope.

Decorated with ribbons and accompanied by the brass instruments of the band "Ehrabocha Musikanten", the tree is driven into the village and set up again in the vilolage center in the afternoon.

This action can take more than one hour and is very exhausting , because the tree can be about 30 meters high.

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