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created by:
Thomas Gengler

"Betzn austanzen"

On Sunday, the "Kerwasburschen" are dancing for a male sheep (in dialect: Betzn").

Thereby, the "Kerwasburschen" chose a girl and are dancing in a local traditional costume.

Before the dancing starts, the "Kerwasburschen" meet with the brass instrumental band "Ehrabocha Musikanten"in order to pick up the several girls with a festive procession. The process of picking up the several girls is called "Madla zamspieln".
The festive procession stops at every girl, where every "Kerwasbursche" picks up his girl with a bench of flowers, while his colleagues are taking a "drinking break".

Betzn austanzen

Assson as all couples are complete, the festive procession wents on to the village center, where the dancing for the "Betzn" will take place.

During the dancing, with every round a bunch of flowers is handed on from couple to couple. An alarm clock has been set before the dancing started. In th end, the couple which holds the bench of flowers in their hands in the moment when the alarm clock rings, has won the dancing.

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