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created by:
Thomas Gengler

Bury the Parish Fair

On Thursday evening the "Kerwasburschen" meet at one of their two innkeepers (guesthouse "Gasthaus Sponsel" or guesthouse "Gasthaus zur Sonne") in order to bury the parish fair again.

The evening starts with a collective meal, and with a barrel of beer, the "Kerwasburschen" are speaking about the parish fair week which is lying behind them.

At midnight, the "Kerwasburschen" stand up and walk crying and with torches through the village in order to bury the parish fair officially.

Back in the village, an empty wallet is washed in the brook "Ehrenbach". This tradition symbolises that the "Kerwasburschen" have guzzled their whole monay during the parish fair.

Finally the parish fair casket, containing the implements of the parish fair (for example the smashed flower pot of the "Göga gaschlong"), is plunged in the brook "Ehrenbach". Now the parish fair has ended officially.

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