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created by:
Thomas Gengler

"Küchla zamspieln"

On Monday the "Kerwasburschen" meet at 9 o'clock in the morning in order to collect "Küchla".

Thereby, a brass instrumental band and a barrel of beer are charged on the trailor of a tractor.
The "Kerwasburschen" are walking from house to house accompanied by the brass instrumental music and let the people drink from their liter of beer.

In former times, the "Kerwasburschen" got some "Küchla" (traditional pastry, which is baken by peasant women according to traditional recipes for festive occassions like marriage, baptism or just parish fair) from the inhabitants of the village - because today only few people are baking "Küchla" for the parish fair, most people give the "Kerwasburschen" a little money instead of "Küchla".

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