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Thomas Gengler

Division Fasching


Within the association "Brauchtums- und Geselligkeitsvereins Ehrabocha Kerwasburschen", the division "Fasching" is responsible for the organisation and maintenance of the local carnival traditions in Kirchehrenbach.

Leader of Division Fasching Leader of Division Fasching
Leader of Division "Fasching":
Erik Duszynski
Leader of Division "Fasching":
Christian Städtler
together responsible for the basic organisation of the carnival traditions
Our carneval traditions

This old local carnival tradition has not been practised in Kirchehrenbach for almost 25 years.
At carnival 2009 six irrecognisable disguised members of the association "Brauchtums- und Geselligkeitsverein Ehrabocha Kerwasburschen" could be seen roaming the streets of Kirchehrenbach. Armed with black carnival dye the "Fosalegn" were roaming the streets in silence (so that they could not be recognised by their voices) and also stormed the shops. Whoever crossed the road of the "Fosalegn" had to anticipate to be painted in the face with black color.

Carival Parade
For carnival 2010 the organisation of a carnival parade in Kirchehrenbach is planned, if there are enough associations and organisations in Kirchehrenbach which are interested in participating this parade.

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