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created by:
Thomas Gengler

History of the association

How all started?

Before the year 1997, the traditional parish fair ("Ehrabocha Kerwa") in Kirchehrenbach was organized alternating by different local associations. Year by year, the local associations maintained the local traditions of parish fair.

During the annual camping of the altar servers from Kirchehrenbach, Thomas Luckner suddelny had the ideaof organizing the parish fair together with the village youth. But for that plan, he needed an "old stager", and therefore he asked Günter Anderl at the campfire, whether he would support him in organizing the next perish fair. Under the condition that Thomas Luckner would find 20 young people, Günter Anderl accepted in the end.

1997: The first perish fair of the "Kerwasburschen"

Today we do not know any more how Thomas Luckner had succeeded - but shortly before the perish fair he had the 20 Kerwasburschen. Thus, in the year 1997 the perish fair was arranged by the first time through the"Ehrabocha Kerwasburschen", and under the leadership of Luckner und Anderl, this year is consequently regarded as the inofficial year of foundation of the Kerwasburschen community.

1997 - 2004

Thus, a cohesive group developed, and because of the apparently great vibe within the Kerwasburschen group, the community could denote an increase of members year by year.

In the year 2004, Thomas Luckner, who had led the Kerwasburschen from 1997 to 2003 supported by Günter Anderl, handed over the commandership to his secretary Thomas Gengler. But Thomas Luckner was still available to consult and help during the organization.

At that time the number of "Kerwasburschen" had already doubled to 40 members.

Preparations for a registered association

At the Walberla festival in May 2005, some Kerwasburschen sat together, and the idea to found a registered association developed.

A few weeks later, this idea had been introduced to the "Kerwasburschen" during a plenary meeting. In the following acclamation, the idea had been accepted with vast majority.

Because the time-frame to the parish fair 2005 was too short, the members decided to arrangeparish fair 2005 like in the years before and to concentrate in autumn on the creation of a charter. From September to November there were several meetings to elaborate a draft of the charter.

The foundation meeting

On 3rd February the time had come - through an article in the commune news of the commune Kirchehrenbach, the people were invited to the foundation meeting of the Ehrabocha Kerwasburschen!

In front of 26 conventioneers the prepared charter had been introduced, which had been accepted in unison during the following acclamation. After that, the first managing board had been elected:

  • 1st Chairman: Thomas Gengler
  • 2nd Chairman: Michael Pirmer
  • 3rd Chairman: Thomas Dauer
  • Treasurer: Christian Goldberg
  • Secretary: Simon Albert
  • Assessors:
    • Uwe Hübschmann
    • Timo Rösch
    • Markus Peske

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