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Thomas Gengler

Club Championship

Once a year, the association "Brauchtums- und Geselligkeitsverein Ehrabocha Kerwasburschen" arranges the club championships.

The prize ist the cup which has been sponsored by Michael Welz . The participant, who is able to win this cup three times, may keep the cup forever.

The paricipants have to do the following disciplines:

  • Drinking beer (drinking 0,5 litres of beer as fast as possible)
  • Lifting a stein (lifting a stein filled with 1 litre of beer as long as possible)
  • hammering a nail into wood (with as few hits as possible)
Club Records

Drinking Beer
Heiko Och (Club Championship 2016): 5,04 Seconds

Lifting a stein (lax rules)
Christian Pieger (Club Championship 2006): 5 Minutes, 7 Seconds

Lifting a stein (strict rules)
Heiko Och (Club Championship 2015): 4 Minutes, 14 Seconds

Manuel Gebhardt (Club Championship 2011): 2 Hits

Table of club champions:
  • 2022: Andi Pöhlmann
  • 2018: Günter Anderl
  • 2016: Heiko Och
  • 2015: Heiko Och
  • 2014: Manuel Gebhardt
  • 2013: Manuel Gebhardt
  • 2012: Manuel Gebhardt
  • 2011: Manuel Gebhardt
  • 2010: Uwe Hübschmann
  • 2009: Edmund Knörlein
  • 2008: Heiko Och
  • 2007: Marco Baumann
  • 2006: Simon Albert

In order to view the detailed results of each year, please change to German language.

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